Hélène Jacubowitz: essence and form

Almost all her works in bronze are as if they were shaped by light and evoke, at least as far as I am concerned, the irresistible inclination to touch them. Hélène Jacubowitz has developed a sculptural form that enables her to pass on not only a feeling of space but also of movement.  Follow the lines, the form, the movement, the equilibrium. As a unity of movement as a complex of elegance it is very successful. Her sculptures are like sensitive poems, of which you cannot change one letter.

Ernest Van Buynder,
Président MuHKA
June 2008



Hélène Jacubowitz comes to her “ so called” abstract forms by concentrating on a part of the body : a shoulder, a breast, a shoulder blade, a thigh…and starting from this naturalistic form she purifies, she refines, she searches for the essence, for the archetypes.
These forms carry a multiple of growing power inside themselves, a kind of heartbeat. They are worked in the rhythm of the light. With her latest sculptures Hélène Jacubowitz proves that she is an authentic sculptor.

Prof. Marcel van Jole


Refinements of an essential and unique attitude towards life

In her female sensual sculptures she knows how to catch and fix very subtly with her extreme delicacy all the gestures and the positions of tenderness, family happiness, human warmth, love and friendship.  Her works creates as if it were automatic her positive, vital and happy approach of life, by the strength of which her creations are always again refinements of an essential and unique attitude toward life.

Dirk Stappaerts

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